Sight Scotland

Who we are

Sight Scotland is Scotland’s largest visual impairment charity. Our services support blind and partially sighted people spanning all ages and stages of sight loss and visual impairment, including the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh and specialist learning services across Scotland, our Kidscene after-school club, residential care for children and adults, support in the community, research funding into sight loss conditions and enterprise. We run the Scottish Braille Press which provides supported employment – half of the employees of the Scottish Braille Press are disabled people, including people with visual impairment. Our newly-established community services, including our telephone support line, are reaching out to support even more people with sight loss in Scotland, as well as relatives and carers.

Why we’re an Apt partner

We believe every person with sight loss deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life, with fairer chances in employment. In collaboration with our PSP partners, we can shine a light on the challenges currently faced by visually impaired people in Scotland’s employment landscape. We can work together with partners and employers to promote change in the workplace and fairer employment opportunities for disabled people, including visually impaired people.

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