Funded by the Scottish Government, Apt is a Public Social Partnership (PSP) that provides advice, support and training to businesses who require support on the hiring, retention, and support of disabled people. Apt’s Partners have vast experience in providing expert support for employers who want to achieve best practice in their organisation. We aim to support organisations within Apt, those we engage with and the employers we engage.


Our approach is inclusive, supportive, and challenging.


We will give employers the confidence to hire disabled people and build their capacity to retain, support and develop the disabled people they employ.


Our aim is ensuring that our services achieve real, sustainable, and significant improvements in workplaces.

Our Solutions

Our solutions start at the very beginning of the hiring process and support employers throughout. Ensuring that you’re connecting with disabled people in the places that they are searching for jobs, that the hiring process is inclusive and accessible for applicants and that once in the role, they are adequately supported, and employers and the new employees are set up for success.

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An expert approach to inclusivity

We are positive that the work we’re undertaking will change the landscape in Scotland, bringing permanent change to business cultures, attitudes, and approaches. We are taking a thoughtful, considered, and expert approach to inclusivity. Changes that will significantly support the Scottish Government’s ambition of halving the Disability Employment Gap.

Our experience of working with employers and the research we have carried out has highlighted the scope for improvement if we can help employers to change their approach. It’s highlighted an urgent need to engage and support, for having the challenging conversations, and for using this as an opportunity to dispel harmful myths about disabled people in the workforce.

We are offering solutions that will make employers forward thinking, brave, certain in their hiring choices and, eventually, recruitment processes and workplaces that are truly inclusive.

Finally, the Centre of Excellence we’re creating will be professional and credible. An ongoing commercially viable enterprise that will be sustained beyond the life of Apt by offering services to employers that address their business needs.

It is a privilege to be involved with, and be a part of, the important work of Apt, in working together and towards reducing the disability employment gap within our organisations and workplaces. Anne Blyth