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Our specialist knowledge combined with our extensive expertise means that we can help you make a difference.

Apt is judgement-free and is committed to supporting employers in the hiring, retaining and ongoing support of disabled employees. We understand that for businesses, this can often feel like a considerable undertaking and we want to ensure that your path to becoming a more inclusive, diverse workforce is one where you feel consistently supported and informed on both what changes can be made and what support is available to your business.

We also know that, currently, many employers are missing out on skilled workers with significant contributions to make as they are not hiring disabled people. We can help employers understand the benefits of recruiting from a wider pool of potential employees.

We believe that employers want to do the right thing, want to contribute to their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, and are open to hiring disabled people if they have the support and skills to do so.

All of the learning and information within Apt will be available to employers in one place – our Centre of Excellence – rather than the complicated and confused landscape they currently have to navigate. By working with Apt, employers will have access to on-going and sustained support to ensure changes are sustained and you benefit from our expertise and advice going forward.

We’re providing all of this guidance, support and more in an environment that is committed to being supportive, non-judgemental, and safe for employers. The only way to guarantee that Scotland has a more diverse workforce is to tackle these issues head-on, to work with employers and to understand what we all face in making our workplaces more inclusive.

Find out more about the support and services we offer employers, from an employer we work with!

Ambassador Theatre Group, who operate the Theatre Royal and Kings Theatre in Glasgow and the Edinburgh Playhouse, joined Apt in 2022. Find out why they got involved, the training they’ve undertaken and what it means to their team…