Training Courses

The following courses will be held online from the 27th September until 13th October. Once you have selected the course(s) you would like to attend, please complete the Event Registration Form below.

How to be an Autism Confident Employer
Tuesday 27th September
10am – 12 noon

Equips employers to understand the diverse capabilities and skillsets autistic individuals can bring to your workforce. Provides practical guidance on inclusive accommodations and good practice in recruiting, retaining and developing autistic staff. This training is developed from lived experience across a range of work sectors and delivered by experienced professional autistic trainers.

Deafblind Awareness
Tuesday 27th September

This training will provide you with a better understanding of the impacts of dual sensory loss/deafblindness. Participants will learn about:
Some facts about deafblindness,

  • The needs of deafblind people,
  • How deafblind people communicate,
  • Basic deafblind Manual Skills,
  • How barriers can be removed to make it easier for deafblind people,
  • How to make best use of residual sight and hearing.
Web Accessibility
Wednesday 28th September
9.30am – 11.30am

Understand the accessibility of design & best practice online. This session covers the user experience, fonts, colours and online forms.

Autism Awareness
Monday 3rd October
10am-12 noon

Prepare your workplace for someone on the autistic spectrum. Make your workplace more inclusive. A better understanding of people on the autistic spectrum. Delivered with Lived Experience.

The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
Tuesday 4th October

A session aimed to understand what diversity and inclusion means and why having an inclusive workplace should be a priority for all employers. There is a focus on understanding company culture, what unconscious bias is and how it can impact our decision making.

Disability Awareness Training
Wednesday 5th October

Training designed to provide a general overview and increase understanding of disabilities. This session covers myth busting about disability, reasonable adjustments and Access to Work, how best to offer support and the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

Managing Arthritis and MSK within the Workplace
Thursday 6th October
1pm – 2pm

Increase inclusion and improve understanding of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions within the workplace. Highlighting and addressing barriers in the workplace.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Friday 7th October
11am – 1pm

This session provides an introduction to neurodiversity and an overview of the different types of neurodivergence. We will explore neurodiversity as it relates to the workplace, the link between neurodiversity and technology skills, overcoming workplace challenges and developing best practice.

Accessible Communications – Easy Read
Monday 10th October
1pm – 3pm

Offers employers the chance to see why having accessible documents makes all that difference to people with learning disabilities and autism.

Access to Work
Tuesday 11th October
11am – 1pm

This session focuses on DWP Access to Work and how this can support both employers and disabled employees. It looks at the term reasonable adjustments and what this means whilst detailing the different ways Access to Work can provide support.

Digital Accessibility and Cyber Security
Thursday 13th October
10am – 12 noon

This session will focus on common cyber security issues you may encounter in your work, and how you can resolve these easily and accessibly, without compromising security. We’ll take a practical, accessible look at password creation and management, staying safe with emails, and some of the other potential dangers and weaknesses you are likely to come up against in your work.

Learning Disability Awareness
Thursday 13th October
1pm – 3pm

Equips employers to understand the diverse capabilities and skill-sets individuals with a learning disability can bring to their workforce, and to build confidence in recruiting, retaining and promoting staff with a learning disability.