Shaw Trust

Who we are

At Shaw Trust we believe in fairness, equality and opportunity. We believe everyone has the right to live a decent and dignified life and have an opportunity for rewarding work. We are a social purpose organisation challenging inequality and breaking down barriers to enable social mobility.

Who we support

We empower people from childhood to career through our services embracing employability, education, learning and skills, children’s services and health and wellbeing support

Why we’re an Apt partner

Shaw Trust is committed to supporting the Scottish Government as a key strategic partner in their Fair Work commitments as outlined in the FW framework and Action Plan. By working with like-minded partner organisations the PSP is an important step in achieving the FW outcomes set out by the SG and will provide best in class support and training for employers and disabled employees to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Jamie Hughes; Head of Delivery (Scotland);

0131 201 2450

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