PSP Update on the Workstreams and Projects

In December we hosted an all-partner event on Zoom to provide an update on the excellent progress of the Public Social Partnership (PSP) workstreams and projects. We are pleased to share some of that here!

Over 40 organisations and partners attended the update and we heard from our partners ENABLE Works, LAMH, Values Into Action Scotland, Unity Enterprise, DD Consulting, Your Options Understood and, the event sponsors, Fedcap Scotland.

Margaret Barton, Lead Partnership Manager at Fedcap Scotland explains why they are so passionate about being part of the PSP,

“Equality, diversity and inclusion are an important part of Fedcap as a business and reducing the disability employment gap is at the heart of what we do. We are extremely enthusiastic about being partners in this PSP as we can see really positive outcomes emerging. This PSP brings together so much experience across the partners. It is a joy to listen to other perspectives and collaboratively come up with innovative solutions where everyone’s voice is heard.”

Here you will find an overview of the work the PSP has been involved with between August 2020 and August 2021:

  • 36 people with lived experience attend workstreams;
  • 120 people attended The Story So Far,
  • 2250 volunteer hours invested by partners;
  • 40 employers participating; number of partners has increased to 47 in August 2021 from 31 in August 2020;
  • 33 partners are from the voluntary sector, 8 are employers and 6 from the public sector;
  • 230 employers have been trained;
  • 1200 employees have been trained;
  • 5 workstreams and 6 pilot projects have been launched;
  • 32 local authorities in Scotland have visibility of the work of the PSP.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner or other ways you could be involved in the PSP, please contact us at

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