What’s Next for Apt?

The Public Social Partnership (PSP) is drawing to its conclusion with the development of a Blueprint for Services. However, this is not the end for Apt!

We are currently gathering the learning from the PSP and will submit this to the Scottish Government shortly after the project concludes in March 2024. This includes a series of recommendations on future actions, the type of services the Scottish Government may wish to commission, and a comprehensive training and services catalogue that any future project should be able to offer employers.

The PSP agreed a shared ambition to establish a Centre of Excellence for Scotland’s employers, that would create opportunities for people with lived experience and create partnerships with expert providers across the country.

We hope that the Scottish Government will take forward this goal, but we are also looking at other routes to make this a reality.  For example, the establishment of an enterprise which brings together PSP partners to create a new service that offers employers high quality support on a commercial basis and by attracting grant funding to carry out this work.

We will keep you updated with progress within the PSP as it comes towards its conclusion and on the exciting future for Apt.