Employer Testimonials

Employers who are currently working with us have provided feedback on their experience of Apt’s training and services…

Do you feel more confident supporting disabled staff after Apt’s training?

“It has given our staff a different outlook on so many areas within our business. We now have colleagues telling us what they would like to do to support or suggesting changes, which for us is brilliant.”

Glen Mhor Hotel and Uilebheist Brewery & Distillery.

Would you be able to provide better support to disabled employees?

“Absolutely! Particularly because of the Access to Work training and Mental Health First Aid! I think if an employee brought up a concern I’d be much more confident in how I handled it.”

Kings and Theatre Royal, Glasgow.

Do you feel better equipped to support disabled employees? 

“We have more knowledge of the support out there that we can access and more confident in our own ability to be able to support our disabled employees or those who become disabled while they are in our employment.”

Shetland Recreational Trust.

Do you think Apt’s training has improved your disabled staff’s resilience and lowered turnover rate?

“During and after the training we raised awareness amongst staff, managers and senior leadership team. I was delighted to see staff freely and openly talk about it. It means, we, as an organisation are doing good work, we are transparent, inclusive and support our employees.”

Inspiring Scotland.

How do you plan to develop disability inclusion in your organisation in the future? 

“Further training for staff to make sure that managers feel more disability confident. We hope this can lead to higher employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. When disabled employees  feel supported and included in the workplace, they are more likely to perform their best and feel a sense of belonging.”

Eat, Sleep, Ride.

Would you recommend Apt to assist other organisations to improve their disability inclusion efforts? 

“This process enabled a huge transformation in our business that we would not have been able to do ourselves. It made us aware of what we did not know/do and enabled us to bring about real positive change resulting in benefits for both our company and also our new disabled staff.” ACS Clothing Ltd.

“The Employer Assessment, which we are currently working through, has been a really useful and informative process. The training offered has been really well received and we are looking forward to more training.”

Museum Galleries Scotland.

“It’s been a positive and reaffirming experience that not only has highlighted areas of improvement, but also crucially provided resource on tackling some of the areas of improvement through funded training, which would have taken us years to work towards.”

Volunteering Matters.


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