Apt’s August Training Initiative for Inclusive Workforces

In the landscape of the modern workplace, inclusivity has emerged as a pivotal concept. Employers, now more than ever, understand the importance of creating environments that attract, recruit, and retain disabled talent.

Recognising this, Apt embarked on an inspiring journey in the month of August. We offered a series of training courses aimed at empowering employers with the knowledge and tools to foster inclusive workplaces. With a diverse range of topics and trainers with lived experiences, these courses have been nothing short of a resounding success.

Apt’s commitment to fostering inclusivity shines through in the diversity of topics covered in their training courses. In August, we planned to host 24 courses, which were fully booked and had waiting lists within the first week of registration opening! We then added a further 5 course dates, hosting a total of 29 courses.

Each designed to address specific aspects of supporting disabled talent in the workforce. An example of the courses offered were:

  • Conscious Inclusion: This course delved into the principles of creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.
  • Understanding Autism: Recognising the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with autism is crucial for employers. This course provided insights and strategies for creating autism-friendly workplaces.
  • Men’s Mental Health: Mental health is a concern for everyone, including men who often face unique pressures. This course shed light on promoting mental well-being among male employees.
159 people registered from the 94 employers to attend the training sessions.

One distinctive feature of Apt’s training initiative was the use of trainers with lived experiences. These trainers brought a depth of understanding and empathy to the courses, making the content more relatable and impactful. By sharing their own experiences, they bridged the gap between theory and practice, providing practical insights that employers can implement immediately.

The response to Apt’s August training initiative has been overwhelming. All 29 courses were fully booked, demonstrating the hunger among employers for knowledge and strategies to create more inclusive workplaces. Participants praised the courses for their depth, relevance, and the practical solutions they offered.

One HR manager who attended the “Conscious Inclusion” course, stated,

“This training opened my eyes to the small yet meaningful changes we can make in our workplace to create a more inclusive culture. It’s not just about policy; it’s about understanding and empathy.”

Apt’s August training series is just the beginning of our journey in supporting employers in their quest for more inclusive workplaces. Recognising that each organisation is unique, Apt is gearing up to offer more bespoke advocacy, consultancy, and training services tailored to individual workforces.

Our commitment to creating a more inclusive world extends beyond training courses. Apt is actively working with organisations to develop comprehensive strategies that go beyond compliance and embrace diversity and inclusion as core values.

Apt’s August training initiative stands as a testament to our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By offering a range of informative courses, delivered by trainers with lived experiences, we have empowered employers with the knowledge and tools needed to attract, recruit, and retain disabled talent.

The overwhelming success of these courses serves as a reminder that inclusivity is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of a thriving and forward-thinking workforce.

As Apt continues to expand its offerings, we can expect to see even more organisations creating environments where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.