The Delivery workstream will cover all of the activities the PSP delivers through to March 2023, such as employer assessments, action planning, training courses, employer interventions and consultancy. It will allow us to share what is happening with employers, learn what is working and what has to change.

The activities carried out in the previous workstreams Attract and Recruit, Retention, Public Sector and Transitions will come under the scope of the new Delivery workstream but Apt as a whole will be working to the new model of delivery.


New Delivery Model

The new model of delivery is shown in the Apt Employer Collaboration Map:

Image shows the 10 stage process that employers will go through when working with Apt. This includes Introduction, Planning, Activity and Review.

This workstream will work closely with Apt’s Evidence & Impact Manager who will feed
in the progress that employers are making towards the goals we have agreed with them and
how we are generating the evidence to confirm this.