The Development workstream is intended to move us towards our ambition of creating a Centre of Excellence for Scotland’s employers.

The focus for this workstream will be on the next stage for Apt – how we take what we are learning from Delivery and use it create a range of products and services that are valuable for employers.

This will include developing the evidence base for our work and establishing how much services cost to deliver as part of the process of product development for Apt. There will be input from the Evidence & Impact Manager as we learn what is working.


Other key areas include:

  • Looking for future funding for the PSP after our current funding from the Scottish Government ends in March 2024.
  • The steps we need to take to set up our Centre of Excellence, such as starting work on a business plan, how we’ll recruit employers and governance and management of the new organisation.
  • What we are learning from the Glasgow City Council project and how we market our services to other local authorities.