Our Mission

Apt is a group of organisations working together on a voluntary basis to design and deliver services that will improve and advance the prospects of disabled people who are looking to enter or sustain paid work.

Only 45% of disabled people in Scotland are in employment. We’re making it our mission to change this.

81%of the working population is in employment

45%of disabled people in Scotland are in employment

This is the Disability Employment Gap, and the Scottish Government have committed to significantly improve this situation by 2038.

Our approach is inclusive, supportive, and challenging.

Our aim is ensuring that our services achieve real, sustainable, and significant improvements in
workplaces. Change that will give employers confidence to hire disabled people and build their
capacity to retain, support and develop the disabled people they employ.

Solutions for Employers

We are offering solutions that will make employers forward-thinking, brave, certain in their hiring choices and, eventually, recruitment processes and workplaces that are inclusive.

Our solutions start at the very beginning of the hiring process and support employers throughout. Ensuring that you’re connecting with disabled people in the places that they are searching for, that the hiring process is inclusive and accessible for applicants and that once in the role, they are adequately supported, and employers and the new employees are set up for success.


SUSE is the lead partner of Apt, offering expertise and guidance towards our mission of reducing the Disability Employment Gap in Scotland. Find out more on their website.

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The Scottish Government funds Apt as part of a suite of measures to ensure that we achieve our joint ambition of reducing the disability employment gap by at least half. Enabling Scotland’s employers to tap into a pool of talent and expertise that exists within Scotland’s disabled community.

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